If you require any copies of documents held by the Town of Adams, you will need to make an appointment  with the Adams Town Clerk via email at adamstownclerk@gmail.com or telephone 608-558-9712   Please see resolutions for costs.  

ATTENTION: The Plan Commission is working on a revision to the land split ordinance.  A Public Meeting, in 2022,  will be scheduled once a draft has been written.


Document Name
05-19-2021 Special Closed Meeting.docx
06-14-2021 Agenda.docx
07-01-2021 Public Notice - Contract $5000-$25000.pdf
07-12-2021 Agenda (1).docx
07-14-2021 Town of Adams Disrud RD Overlay Meeting.docx
07-20-2021 Special Meeting Disrud Overlay (2).docx
08-09-2021 Board Meeting Agenda.docx
09-08-2021 Special Road Inspection Meeting.docx
09-13-2021 Meeting Agenda.docx
09-15-2021 Agenda Road Inspection Continuation.docx
1-11-2021 Meeting Agenda.docx
1-18-2021 Teleconference Special Meetig.docx
1-21-2021 P.C. Agenda.pdf
2-17-2021 Special Board Meeting.docx
2-8-2021 Agenda.docx
3-10-2021 Special Board Meeting Agenda.docx
3-8-2021 Agenda.docx
3-8-21 Agenda Special Mtg Ayres Assoc.docx
4-12-2021 Agenda.docx
4-20-21 Special Board Mtg to follow Annual Mtg.docx
4-22-2021 Special Board Meeeting.docx
4-26-2021 Spec Board Mtg with County Hwy Dept.docx
5-10-2021 Agenda -update.docx
Annual Meeting Notice 4-20-2021.docx
Assessment Revaluation Process.doc
BOR Notice 4-26-2021.docx
BOR Notice 5-19-2021.docx
Notice of Nomination Caucus 1-16-2021.docx
NOTICE Special Town Mtg 4-3-2021-A.docx