If you require any copies of documents held by the Town of Adams, you will need to make an appointment  with the Adams Town Clerk via email at adamstownclerk@gmail.com or telephone 608-293-1305   Please see resolutions for costs.  

TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2021 IS THE TOWN OF ADAMS ANNUAL MEETING TO BE HELD AT THE ADAMS TOWN HALL, N5723 Biggs Road, Argyle, WI  53504.  The meeting will begin at 7pm.

Document Name
1-11-2021 Meeting Agenda.docx
1-18-2021 Teleconference Special Meetig.docx
1-21-2021 P.C. Agenda.pdf
2-17-2021 Special Board Meeting.docx
2-8-2021 Agenda.docx
3-10-2021 Special Board Meeting Agenda.docx
3-8-2021 Agenda.docx
3-8-21 Agenda Special Mtg Ayres Assoc.docx
4-12-2021 Agenda.docx
4-20-21 Special Board Mtg to follow Annual Mtg.docx
Annual Meeting Notice 4-20-2021.docx
Assessment Revaluation Process.doc
Notice of Nomination Caucus 1-16-2021.docx
NOTICE Special Town Mtg 4-3-2021-A.docx