Current Members:  NEXT MEETING ********, 2021 AT 7 PM 

The Plan Commission meets the 2nd Thursday evening monthly.

The Plan Commission is working on revising the current land split ordinance.  A Public meeting, in 2022, will be scheduled after a draft has been written.

Evan Lemenager, CHAIRMAN     (

John Scheider

Julie Flannery

Harlan Flannery

Kirk Sweeney

You may also email to be added to a meeting agenda.  Please complete the land split application prior to being placed on the Plan Commission Agenda.



Document Name
03-21-19 Plan Commission Meeting Minutes (Approved).pdf
04-22-2021 Plan Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf
05-23-19 Plan Commission Meeting Minutes (Approved).pdf
06-17-2021 Plan Commission Agenda.pdf
06-17-2021 Plan Commission Mtg Minutes.docx
07-18-19 Plan Commission Meeting Minutes (Draft).docx
08-12-2021 Plan Commission Minutes (Draft).docx
08-12-21 PC Agenda.docx
09-19-19 Plan Commission Meeting Minutes (Approved).pdf
1-16-2020 Meeting Minutes.pdf
1-20-2021 Plan Comm Meeting Minutes.pdf
11-21-19 Plan Commission Meeting Minutes (Draft).docx
12-06-18 Plan Commission Meeting Minutes (Approved) .pdf
2-20-2020 Meeting Agenda.pdf
2-20-2020 meeting minutes.docx
2-25-2021 Meeting Agenda.pdf
2-25-2021 Plan Commission Minutes.docx
3-18-2021 Plan Comm Meeting Minutes.pdf
4-22-2021 PC Agenda.pdf
6-18-2020 Plan Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf
8-26-2020 Plan Commission Agenda.pdf
8-26-2020 Plan Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf
9-14-2020 Meeting Agenda.docx
Agenda - March 18, 2021.docx
Agenda - Sept 17, 2020.docx
Agenda - Sept 19, 2019.pdf
Agenda 7-16-2020.pdf
Land Split Application 1-4-2021 Draft.docx
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