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Adams Township Building and Non-Recycling / Recycling
Center is located at 

N5705 Biggs Road, Argyle, WI 
Phone: 608-543-3443 (Leave a message)

Mailing: N5705 Biggs Road
PO Box 424 
Argyle, WI 53504

Township Board Meetings are 2nd Monday each month at
7:00 PM at the Township Building

Drop box: Located at Office Door for leaving
correspondence items



We envision the future Town of Adams as a distinctively rural community, blanketed by its beautiful natural setting.   
It is home to family farms working the productive land and encourages a diversity of agricultural, natural and residential land uses
that protects the Town's rural character.  Adams is a diverse and progressive rural community that works collectively to address issues
of local importance.

Current Items:
-April is roadside clean-up month.  Clear trash bags are available at the recycle center during the month of April for each township resident to use.
-Annual Elector's Meeting April 18th at 7:00 PM at Townhall
-Open Book, April 18th by phone only, call Associated Appraisal at

920-749-1995 to set up an appointment by April 16th
- Board of Review May 17th 6-8 PM at Townhall

- Township residents are able to collect (2) 5 gallon buckets of sand/salt/chip material on the days/times the recycling center is open.
Bring own 5 gallon bucket and shovel
- Town of Adams is changing to Associated Appraisal Consultants on 1/1/2023 for our Assessor Vendor (contact info is on PC page)
- See Notice from DOR on Homeowner Relief Program
-Help pick up trash along roadside of your residence
-ATV-UTV Map Route under Notice Tab
- ATV road signs are being stolen. These signs were purchased by your friends and neighbors of that club.  Also Township road signs continue to be stolen. These signs are expensive and are posted for safety of travel routes.  If you observe misuse of any signage within the Township, please contact any member of the board.

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